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Aqua Translation Agency was founded in 1992 (its predecessor in 1990) and has been providing its clients with reliable, accurate translations, interpreting, and transcription services ever since.

Our agency pays strict attention to every standard in language, translation technique, and text editing.  Aqua provides high quality work, using native speaker translators wherever possible and a team of highly experienced professionals with intimate knowledge of their specific language fields.
Finished translations are delivered via e-mail, fax, or courier, or are returned personally, as the client sees fit.

What we offer:

  • Speedy, accurate translation of general, technical, legal, and other specialised texts at a high quality standard,
  • Translation from non-Hungarian languages into Hungarian and vice versa
  • Translation from one non-Hungarian language into another without reference to an intermediate Hungarian text,
  • Rush work, as requested.
  • A broad translator base, including many who work in specialised topical areas,
  • Proofreading by native speakers or by professsionals in a particular field,
  • Translations that preserve original document formatting, with a certifying clause added where requested,
  • OFFI notarial attestation service,
  • The insertion of diagrams, graphs, and images into finished translations, including any necessary editing,
  • Complete printing services, including arrangements with print shops and all required pre-print work,
  • Translation of entire Websites, with link structure maintained,
  • Orders accepted via e-mail, fax, post, courier, or in person, with finished jobs delivered via whatever route the customer desires,
  • Confidential handling of all material,
  • Flexibile, friendly, co-operative service.

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