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General Terms of Contract

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1. All orders must be submitted to Aqua Translation Agency in writing, Monday through Friday, by latest 4:00 p.m.  In the event an order is submitted outside these times, the deadline for delivery of the job may be extended.  All risks stemming from the submission of texts to be translated shall be born by the Client, with particular reference to late submission, loss, damage, and destruction.

2. Orders are official only once they have been confirmed.  In the event a text to be translated is not sufficiently legible, Aqua will warn the Client of this, and will confirm the job only once the agency has received the material in legible form.  Where the Client wishes to cancel a job already in progress, Aqua will charge for all work completed up to the time of cancellation.
3.  Aqua’s base translation rates are understood to apply to a normal workload, without additional proofreading. In the event the Client orders a rush (or extra rush) job, Aqua cannot offer its usual high-standard final proofing and editing procedures and therefore assumes only limited responsibility for any inaccuracies the translation may contain.

4.  Aqua calculates all its rates based on the number of keystrokes established by Microsoft Word (the sum of the total number of characters, words, and paragraphs).  All orders are subject to a minimum charge of 2,200 HUF + VAT. Payment shall be made based on an invoice issued by Aqua upon completion of the given job, either in cash, or by funds transfer effected within 8 banking days of the date of issue.  Late payment shall incur the default interest rate established by the current version of the Hungarian Civil Code.

5.  For large orders (orders priced at more than 100,000 HUF), Aqua may require a 50% advance payment prior to commencement of the job.

6.  Aqua reserves the right to employ sub-contractors in completing the jobs it undertakes, for which the agency guarantees both timely delivery, and quality execution.

7.  In the course of its work, Aqua agrees to handle all data and information relating to its Clients confidentially, as business trade secrets.  Aqua will reveal none of the documents or information it obtains or receives in relation to the subject matter of the job to third parties, nor make such documents or information accessible to the same, but will handle this information confidentially, as well.  Aqua shall be obliged to hold any third party to which it must, in the course of performing the work undertaken in this contract, reveal such information to the same level of confidentiality as Aqua itself provides.

8.  Aqua shall not be obliged to translate expressions that have not previously been rendered in Hungarian, that have not yet entered into common parlance, or that are unusual or specific to a particular field of study or corporate environment, except where the Client provides a glossary at or prior to the time the job is ordered.

9.  Clients shall be entitled to notify Aqua of any objections regarding the quality of its translations within 1 workday in the case of rush jobs, and within 5 workdays in the case of jobs undertaken at normal speed.  The Client shall be required to indicate all objections clearly and in detailed fashion within the translated text and to highlight any sections of text it judges to be inaccurate; otherwise, the objection shall be disregarded.  Aqua Translation Agency is not required to address complaints of a general nature.  In the event Aqua should complete corrections within the time period indicated in advance as needed for doing so, the Client shall be obliged to pay the full stated price for the completed translation.

10. Aqua shall be liable for any damages caused the Client as a result of translation errors, pursuant to the general rules of civil law.  Aqua’s obligation to compensate the Client for damages shall extend to the amount invoiced for the job in question.  No claims for damages or of any other nature related to errors in performance may be enforced once a period of one month from the date of delivery has elapsed.

All issues not covered under the present contract shall be governed by the Hungarian Civil Code and prevailing copyright law.

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